Organizational Leadership

Today's world demands that students be prepared to face an ever-changing landscape in the workplace.

What to Expect

Students have the opportunity to complete a degree in organizational leadership online without disrupting commitments to work and family. This degree will prepare you for the workplace, especially as you focus on leadership roles in your organization.

With the help of an advisor, you will devise a curriculum with courses from three workplace-oriented areas, supported by courses in professional foundations. The organizational development program focuses on communication and leadership skills with a view to careers in government agencies, nonprofit organizations or business settings.


Undergraduate Degree

B B.A. in Organizational Leadership

Offered through Palmetto College, the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership requires 120 hours. In addition to general education requirements, students must earn 27-30 hours of professional foundation courses, including business writing, introductory statistics and economics, principles of management and leadership.

Students will also earn 33 hours from courses in three categories: employer and employees; law, policy and organizations; and workplace dynamics. These courses include diverse disciplines such as communications, history, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology.


Apply for Undergraduate Admission

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