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Communication Sciences and Disorders

The human communication process is multifaceted and includes the production and perception of speech, the hearing mechanism and the organization of language in the brain. Disorders of these processes can be manifested in a wide variety of forms.

Brain damage resulting from stroke, diseases such as Parkinson's, hearing loss or congenital disabilities can all result in communication difficulties. Similarly, the development of communication in children may be delayed for a wide variety of reasons. The Arnold School of Public Health is at the forefront of research and clinical services in many of these areas.


Graduate Degrees

Our doctoral program in communication sciences and disorders is actively training the next generation of university professors and research scientists. All students in our program pursue their studies on a full-time basis and conduct scientific experiments in our department laboratories under the guidance of a research mentor. Ph.D. students also gain experience in curriculum development and classroom teaching.


D  Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Graduate Director: Elizabeth F. Barnes, 
Program Contact: Teresa Boyett, 803-777-3080,

Application information for this degree is available through The Graduate School. 

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